Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address

With AMPSEA, Pardot Prospect records no longer need to have a unique email address

Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address

With AMPSEA, Pardot Prospect records no longer need to have a unique email address.

When Pardot is combined with Salesforce, this feature is really potent. In Salesforce, customers have always been able to create multiple lead and contact records for an individual. However, using the same email address for all records could sometimes cause the corresponding Pardot prospect record to not properly synchronize. Customers can now use AMPSEA to support separate Pardot prospect records for all equivalent lead or contact records in Salesforce.


Customers often sell multiple products and/or services and want to maintain separate records based on each individual product or service that the prospect may want. This is where AMPSEA really shines. When there are distinct Pardot prospect records for an individual, more accurate targeting and more precise tracking of marketing communications is possible. An example might be a promotional email offering just the exact product in which an individual has already expressed an interest.




Here are some situations where AMPSEA can really be useful:

  • You already have duplicate records in Salesforce. Using AMPSEA, you can now synchronize all of the Salesforce contacts and leads into Pardot to assure that marketing and sales are in agreement. This allows you to focus marketing efforts with even more precision.
  • You already have various data about your prospects. With AMPSEA, you can treat an email address like any of the other data instead of as a unique identifier. If the email address changes in either Salesforce or Pardot, they can now be synchronized without you being concerned since the email address is now just another data item.
  • When you use Salesforce Engage, AMPSEA associates Pardot and Salesforce much more closely. Each sales interaction appears on individual records in Salesforce. Each Engage interaction synchronizes with the equivalent prospect in Pardot.

If you purchased Pardot after June 14, 2016, AMPSEA is already enabled by default. To access the AMPSEA feature, Pardot users can check their account settings page to see whether or not AMPSEA has already been enabled.

NOTE: Once AMPSEA is enabled, it CAN NOT be disabled. Be certain that you are actually ready before you enable it.


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